Government Funding and Events - Performance vs. Process

With Canada Day behind us and being on the “back 9” of Canada’s sesquicentennial, a discussion around the measurement and effectiveness of event funding by all levels of government can be timely and provide relevant examples.

Canada 150 appears to be a success, with events and celebrations taking in all provinces and territories and a renewed pride in being Canadian. But how do we know?


Events Matter to Atlantic Canada

Events matter to Atlantic Canada! This was the outcome of the first-ever Atlantic Canada Event Summit hosted by the City of Moncton and Events Moncton in June 2015.

The second annual Atlantic Canada Event Summit will be held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island from June 14-16 with participation from leaders at municipal and provincial levels in the event industry, sport, tourism and economic development. 


If You Host It Will They Come?

For host cities, deciding to bid for a major event and the complex nature of financing along with public and private sector support can sometimes feel like being in a cornfield and hearing voices.

Once you take that leap of faith, the effort required to submit a winnable bid does not always include a plan to leverage the event and attract new visitors and business for the host city.


Governments and Major Events: Good Business or “Nice to Haves”?

As the federal election approaches in 2015, the Year of Sport in Canada, there has been very little mention of major sport events since the decision by Toronto to opt out of the 2024 Olympic Games bid process. 

This week, it was announced that Canada’s economy had grown its GDP in June and July after a weak first half of 2015. 


To Bid or Not to Bid? - The Major Event Question

The pressure on host cities is on the rise as sport tourism continue to grow and the benefits and risks of major events becomes the subject of increasing public debate within communities.

With the decision by Toronto to not enter the bid process for the 2024 Olympic Games, what can other host cities learn?


Government and Leveraging Major Events

In the sport event business, sometimes 1 plus 1 can equal 3.

As sport and event tourism have grown as industry segments over the past 20 years, so have the costs of bidding and hosting. Rights fees have been increasing as demand among major event hosts has outpaced the supply of available events to attract.